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Seed of Stoke

Posted by JB on March 11, 2014 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Hi to all you out there surfing the amazing interwebs :P

I was only thinking yesterday about skateboarding and where my seed of stoke was truly planted. It wasnt just one moment but i think a series of events and il give you the key moments that got me stoked on the stuntwood.


Its funny how thoughts and random ideas pop in my head because i took my son RyRy for a street sesh & after our roll we had a feed and i gave him a history lesson of a sacred skate spot in Ctown - Red Rooter aka Red Rooster in Ctown. Every culture has sacred sites and im blessed to have sacred sites in my Koori culture and our skateboarding culture.

Now im gonna take ya back to around 1992-93 when we first moved into our place in Coonong Way Airds. Mark Johnson had a huge (well it felt huge cause i was like a 3ft tall 10 year old lil footy fanatic) Anyway him and his mates were sessioning this ramp and i being from country bumpkin town of Yass was just in awe, amazed, jaw on the floor type of stuff-never ever seen anything like skateboarding. I sat n watched for a few days and one day the legend that be actually kicked the board towards me and said "gone lil man have a crack at this". Kneeboarded for a minute and then eventually got confident enough to learn TicTacs and the Crabwalk and actually roll around on this amazzzing piece of wood with wheels. Never really knew about skate mags, photos, movies nothing, just what i seen and learnt from Mark - Thanks Johnno ayye in debt to ya for life.

So at the time i was right into my footy it wasnt until i hit high school and managed to scab a proper double kick Adrenalin Board with Venture Trucks and old 30-40mm wheels. Somehow become friends with the 2 Colins from Braddo Wolfy and Boothy and the whole Braddo crew or shall i say BRAIRDS Boys but it was the handmedown proddy from the two Colins that got me stoked.

Wolfy gave me grief all the bloody time bout being this "homeyG" cause i was into NWA, Public Enemy and gangsta rap and one day gave me a lesson in proper music like Pearl Jam and Pantera and Nirvana. i became a grunge skater but still was down with rap and reggae and music to me is just that, music. Aint nobody gon tell me any different i love ALL types of Music. But yeah its the power of the skateboard that united us and have made lifelong friends from this era of my life. Few other fellas need a shoutout here - Glen Fleming, David Hickman, Chris Hendo, Ian Anderson, Brad Skilton, Wayne Bucknell a real crew of misfits all from different suburbs and households, cultural backgrounds. Mitch Ackerly, Will Ryde, Brett Laws and few other fellas were all young rippers and all these fellas welcomed me into thier family home and respected me as person and for that these fella will always be my brothas from different mothers. Heaps sorry if i forget anyone here but im goin wayyyyyback and remembering as best as i possibly can-18 years of respect n love and mutual love for the wheelyboard. Love yaz all and TX guys i wouldnt be who i am today if it wasnt for these key moments. Wish we could all have a massive bender, BBQ skatejam sooner than later ayye?

Which brings me to this point and i will share a pic but as i said in original post on Instagram

" photos blurred to protect the innocent" :roll:

Cos back in the day we didnt have Leumeah or Mac Daddy skateparks we had the good ol Bowl, Venture, The Mall, Council Chambers, local schools and of course Red Rooter. Pack a lunch or a bottle of water and ya was set for the entire day.

Enter Simon "Pilzy" Willsa true OG and the dude who put flair into flair and didnt give a hoot what others thought back then and to this very day-A true Ctown Legend :P Anyway we was skating RR and i did this little ollie up n shuv it off the gutter in the above pic. Pillzy was standing right there and smacked his board on the ground and yells "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Joshieeeeee"

Right there n then was the true seed of stoke moment which made me feel like i was part of something bigger then Ben Hur. That and the crew i was hanging with on a regular basis opened my eyes to the world of skateboarding and how respecting one another, no matter where ya come from and what cultural background. It didnt matter, nothing did. Footy which i love and feel like is a religion took a back seat because u can skate anytime ya want, where you want and most importantly of all, HOW YA WANT.

Yeah i yelled that because while we may do similar tricks n feed of the vibe we create when we skate, the reason is to get stoked, stay stoked and if ya can,pass on that stoke so the flame of stoke continues to burn generation after generation. No sponsor me tapes no trying to one up one another just pure freedom and the fact that we was looked down upon as outcasts, misfits or whatever label the public wanted to give us, we didnt care then and we sure as hell dont care now.

Even as accepted and as popular skateboarding is these days it will always be a contsant in my life as it really does help re-focus, get rid of negative energy built up from "real world" issues like work n stuff, and cleanses the soul. Kinda like a pressure releave valve psssssssssssss yeah thats wassup. I could write on and on and on but i dont want to drag it out and bore you to but i will let you know if anyone is keen on learning to skate, beginners to advanced, would like us to host your kids Bday party, private demos and just super keen to get stoked too then hit up Totem SkateSchool who we at Sector Connect Inc and https://www.facebook.com/#!/SaveTheChildrenAustralia" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Save the Children Aus have secured funding to run a skateboard program called Ramps to R.E.A.L - Respect, Education, Aspiration, Life. Mega shout out to the crew The Benevolent Society C4C team for funding this program and having the vision to create programs that kids are eager to be apart of and super keen to participate in.

Thanks ayye truly means alot to me on a personal and professional level.

I will post another blog post once we kick off this new and exciting program do my best to regular post a blog entry on this site of some random thoughts, ideas and events. Mostly just randomness though :P

If you have managed to make it this far i really thank you for reading this and if you could share it or better yet, start your own blog on here so the community have got some stuff to read and probably lol at then please blog away ayye :P



Been ages since I dont know when?

Posted by JB on June 12, 2013 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (2)

Well well where do i start?

Damn its been wayyyyyy too long since i had time or even thought about blogging but i thought id give it a crack and try write something half decent LOL.

I will make a committment to one blog post per week and will really try my best to give you all something to read and hopefully laugh at :)

A couple exciting things have been happening and i wont write bout everything cause it will dead set take me a day and a half to get it all down and i dont wanna bore yaz all.

So heres some of the fun and deadly stuff i been doing lately:


  • Became a distributor for clothing company BrothaBoy and for more info its probably best to check out the About Us section on the website. If you live in the Campbelltown region i will offer you free home delivery and have the stock on hand ready to bring to whoever, whenever and all the rest will be express posted to your front door. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook @jbell001 and the MNM tweetness page.
  • Also kicked off some Aboriginal dance group workshops with the deadly guidance of  Koomurri Management      Managed to secure some funding via the MADD Action Group from Rosemeadow Ambarvale area and have to raise the groups awareness about the dangers of drug n alcohol use within our community. I will elaborate more on that in another post as these workshops and dance group is bigger than one person or organization and the vision i have for this is become a self sustainable workshop/dancegroup with a constant cycle of High school students becoming leaders and passing these stories and dance down to the primary school students. 
  •  My other lil baby im so excited about is securing a weekend position with Skateboarding Australia teaching kids how to ride a skateboard as well as organizing events and really creating a positive vibe and culture within the community. To be quite honest,  id do this stuff for free but to get paid and get to see the Seed of Stoke planted within youngins and groms all over Ctwon is truly amazzzzzzing. Im still in shock that this is happening but really grateful for the opportunity and will be honoured to wave the flag for  our Skateboarding Community.  

 I really think this is a tad too long so i will leave it at that for the time being and i really do hope some more of you Ctown Community start to write a blog on here and post some videos. Just remember to keep it clean and appropriate for everyone and all will be sweet. Oh and dont forget to check out the podcasts on here and if ya got a message or a something you wanna say, then holla at ya boy JB and i will get on to it for you.

Peace Out Peeps

p.s Im sorry bout some of my grammar as i just dont have my workers hat on atm and in fully funky JB mode> straight chillin LOL


Where are you?

Posted by Admin on April 21, 2012 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello is anyone out there?

Where is your blogs?

Post away so we can read today!

Can be of any topic as long as its appropriate for people of all ages and walks of life.

Bye Bye(for now)


My Intro

Posted by JB on April 4, 2012 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello to you all -I am a Ngunnawal man & our totem is the Wedge Tail Eagle. I acknowledge the traditional land owners of this land where I work and live- the Dharawal People. The totem for the Dharawal tribe is the lyrebird & I pay my respects to all Elders past and present. The name Yulang Manuwi Muru is from the Dharawal language and translates to "community spiritual path".

Now we have secured the old Ambarvale youth centre as a place to operate from the vision and dream is to create a Aboriginal atmosphere that the whole community will feel that they own and can be proud of. We will be hosting cultural activities, events and awareness of all things Aboriginal.

One of our main priorities is to create a space that the Elders can come to relax, yarn up and to also advise us of the issues they would like to see changed.

Not only will we be consulting these Elders for advice & guidance but we will be travelling to sacred or significant Aboriginal sites on a regular basis to reconnect with the values and land that has made our proud,strong Aboriginal culture not only survive but thrive for over 40,000+ years.

This is the start of a new era in the Campbelltown Aboriginal Community and the spiritual path that we as a community will build, then it will empower and inspire future generations of young Aboriginal kids who are our future leaders and Elders.